Welcome to Mine for Nine’s Blog!

Hopefully a smart friend told you about our site… glad you’re here! Mine for Nine was created to give pregnant women wardrobe options so you can keep up your stylish, professional look, even with a quickly expanding waistline! Rather than spending a fortune on a new closet of clothes that will only fit you for a very brief period of time (although it may feel like forever right now), we want to open our closet of designer clothing to you to “borrow” for a month or as long as you fit in it. We’ve built relationships with designers so we have clothes for every occasion – just follow our fit guidelines and you’ll have a perfectly fitted suit, dress, or top for up to 75% off what it would have cost you to buy the outfit yourself! We also make shipping hassle-free & take care of cleaning.

Now that you know more about us, what will we cover on this blog? We want to offer you quick tips on making the most of your pregnancy, especially when it comes to looking good & feeling good about yourself. The moms and moms-to-be here at Mine for Nine will share ideas and we hope to offer guest posts from designers, bloggers, and other experts. So, check back here whenever you’re checking out on the site & catch the latest suggestions on organizing your closet for the next few months, ways to extend your now limited wardrobe, how to look good at special occasions while you’re expecting, and mom-to-be beauty products.

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  1. Ruvell says:

    TYVM you’ve solved all my porblems

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