Pregnancy Problem-Solvers

While you may be happier than you ever imagined you could be now that you’re expecting a baby, you may experience some annoying side-effects of pregnancy, too. We thought we’d compile a list of issues with our best solutions so you have everything you need in one place!

Problem: Shiny skin/breakouts
Solution: Go natural! If your hormones are making you look like a pimply teenager, don’t reach for the heavy-duty solutions! You have a baby to consider now! Stick with the basics: a clean cotton washcloth to exfoliate, a cleanser with all-natural ingredients, a natural blemish stick for the spots, & some loose powder to keep you shine-free. Favorite products that have worked for us: Burt’s Bees spot treatment, Neutrogena Naturals face cleanser, bareMinerals Mineral Veil with SPF 25

Problem: Snoring
Solution: Try using a humidifier at night & sleeping on your left side with a body pillow. Your partner will thank you.

Problem: Extra hair, everywhere
Solution: Again, don’t reach for the chemicals. Now would be the time to try professional hair-removal services, even if you’ve never used them before. An eyebrow wax or threading session will open up your face. A razor with a gentle, all-natural shaving gel will keep your legs & underarms silky smooth, and a visit to the wax salon can make sure you’re bathing suit ready when you can’t reach around your belly anymore.

Problem: Sore joints & swelling
Solution: Go to a prenatal yoga class! You’ll meet other expectant moms, get a little time to yourself, and really stretch out your sore hips. If you’re experiencing swelling, most instructors will be able to suggest postures that can help you drain the fluids, such as sitting close to the wall with a pillow under your bottom & letting your legs “climb” up the wall. Relax in that position for a few minutes to help your swollen ankles & feet.

Problem: Suffering in the heat of summer
Solution: Drag yourself to a pool. Don’t worry about showing your growing tummy – the water will make you feel cool & weightless and will be worth any embarrassment you might feel about being seen in a bathing suit right now. Pull out your old one-piece or a tankini if you want some coverage, or proudly wear your old bikinis & pretend your Kate Hudson – whichever you prefer.

Problem: Bleeding gums
Solution: Brush & floss like you’ve never brushed & flossed before! Your dental health can affect your baby’s health, so even if you’re usually a once a day brusher, step it up during the next few months & take care of your teeth. Toothpaste is another thing in your bathroom you may want to consider going natural on – Tom’s of Maine and other brands have great paste options without some of the chemicals of other brands. Visit the dentist for a full cleaning & check-up, too.

Problem: Change in hair texture/fullness
Solution: Not sure what to do with your new luxurious mane? First, switch to SLS-free shampoos & conditioners for gentle, safe cleaning. Next, visit your hairdresser for regular trims to keep your fast-growing tresses in good shape. Now is a great time to try a longer style or grow out layers or bangs since your hair is growing much faster than normal. Finally, don’t be afraid to pull your hair back & out of the way if you’re too hot or can’t be bothered to bend over while blow drying in the morning! Goodie’s Spin Pins are amazing for a stay-all-day bun!

Problem: Stretch marks
Solution: Not much you can really do about stretch marks except control your weight gain & stay within the limits your doctor suggests, stay hydrated, eat foods rich in natural oils (avocados, flax seed, etc.), avoid scratching, and cross your fingers. The heavy creams and lotions marketed at pregnant women can’t hurt, so moisturize if that makes you feel better, but don’t be disappointed if you still get a few stretch marks. It’s natural & worth it!

We know we haven’t exhausted the list of issues & the helpful tips to make them less annoying – what have we missed?

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