Weekend Getaway: The Hamptons

  The summer is a perfect time to plan a weekend getaway to the Hamptons. We have rounded up a few Mine for Nine essentials and accessories to pair with them to help you relax in style. Pair Ripe Maternity’s Striped Mia dress with this Metallic Raffia fedora (Calypso St. Barth), Nautical Beach tote (Etsy), and Franco Sarto Fisherman’s Sandals (Nordstrom).   Relax on the beach with Maternal America’s flattering Jasmine Bathing Suit. Protect your skin from the sun with this fabulous wide brimmed hat (Calypso), tote all your essentials with a pop of coral (ASOS $26.68), and these Gigi sandals …

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Pregnancy Problem-Solvers

While you may be happier than you ever imagined you could be now that you’re expecting a baby, you may experience some annoying side-effects of pregnancy, too. We thought we’d compile a list of issues with our best solutions so you have everything you need in one place!

Empty Closet = Happy Mornings!

Whether your pregnancy was long-awaited or a total surprise, you’ll soon find yourself struggling to get ready in the morning as you try on all the clothes in your closet that no longer fit the same way they used to fit. Save yourself a lot of time and stress by editing your closet ASAP in your first trimester. Neatly fold and store all the pants without any stretch, all the dresses you already had to suck in to wear, and all your tailored tops. (If you don’t have room to store the “unwearables,” at least move them to the back …

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Welcome to Mine for Nine’s Blog!

Hopefully a smart friend told you about our site… glad you’re here! Mine for Nine was created to give pregnant women wardrobe options so you can keep up your stylish, professional look, even with a quickly expanding waistline! Rather than spending a fortune on a new closet of clothes that will only fit you for a very brief period of time (although it may feel like forever right now), we want to open our closet of designer clothing to you to “borrow” for a month or as long as you fit in it. We’ve built relationships with designers so we …